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"ARSAVA" Ltd. was established in 1998, in the sunniest city of Latvia – Jurmala.The basic activity of the enterprise is related with renting of mobile lifting machinery (truck cranes, car lifts, multifunctional tractors etc.) and rendering of services with it. The Ltd. renders its services not only in Jurmala, but also in Riga and in the whole territory of Latvia. Currently ARSAVA Ltd. has opened its representation in Sweden, Stockholm and offers services in the Scandinavian market. ARSAVA Ltd. technique meets all the existing…

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Adresas: Savanorių pr. 451, LT-49183 Kaunas
Tel.Nr.: +370 61443676
(+371) 29535808 (RUS;LV)
(+371) 29448895 (LV,ENG,RUS)

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